Through collaboration with experts in the realm of color theory, we have meticulously curated a palette designed to meet the diverse preferences of our clientele. Recognizing the inherent diversity of colors within each individual, encompassing factors such as skin tone, eye color, and hair shade, we place significant emphasis on selecting hues that complement and enhance one’s natural features seamlessly.

The selection of appropriate colors conveys subtle yet powerful signals to onlookers, suggesting a sense of visual harmony that extends beyond mere aesthetics. This strategic approach to color selection implies that individuals who appear harmonious are likely to approach other tasks with a similar sense of balance and coordination.

This guiding principle informs our decision to feature Ivory as the cornerstone hue for our Classic Model #1. With its gentle, milky white appearance, Ivory ensures that no element overpowers the inherent brightness of a person’s eyes and teeth. This commitment to prioritizing balance and harmony underscores our dedication to creating designs that resonate with our audience on a subconscious level.